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An immersive gaming library engineered for speed and optimized latency.
Gamer Portal is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform designed to serve as a universal hub for gamers. With a strong focus on speed, ease of use, and low latency, it provides a seamless experience for gamers to store and purchase games, ensuring quick access to their favorite titles and an optimal gaming experience.
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Problem Statement
The gaming industry has experienced a proliferation of digital distribution platforms, each tailored to specific game publishers or developers, resulting in a fragmented landscape for gamers. This fragmentation has given rise to a persistent issue: the absence of a unified hub where gamers can conveniently launch and enjoy all of their games. With platforms like Steam, Origin Games, Epic Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft Connect, and others, gamers find themselves burdened with the need to install and manage multiple launchers on their systems. This lack of a centralized solution poses various challenges to both gamers and the gaming ecosystem as a whole.
Possible Solution
Involve the creation of a universal gaming launcher that integrates with multiple distribution platforms. The launcher could offer a centralized library, streamlined authentication, and a cohesive user interface, allowing gamers to access and manage all their games seamlessly. This, in turn, might foster healthier competition among publishers, leading to more inclusive practices and enhanced user experiences.
Upon launching the application, users will have the option to either create a new account using their Google, Facebook, or Apple ID credentials, or to log in using their existing account information.
Onboarding Page
Link Accounts
Within this interface, you'll have the capability to connect your accounts, enabling Gamer Portal to seamlessly import all your games. After successfully establishing these connections, you'll be directed back to this same screen. Accounts that have been successfully linked will be indicated by a reassuring green checkmark. When you've completed the linking process, simply press the "Finish" button.
Account Link Page
Users will be presented with the option to embark on a guided tutorial that will walk them through all the application's features, showcase various app icons, and provide an overview of the functionalities. If users prefer to bypass the tutorial, they have the freedom to do so.
Tutorial Page
Always know when your favorite games have new updates. Users have access to their recently played games , search history and news
Home Page
Game Library
Users can simply double click the game image or hover over the game image and click play now to start playing their games.
Game Library Page
Message friends easily on the Desktop App or on the Mobile app for easy communication between games.
Messaging Page
Purchase your favorite games from the store. Users can use the search bar to access games from the store in addition to the store icon.
Store Page
News Feed
Keep up to date with the latest gaming and tech news. Users can easily customize the Feed in the settings menu.
News Feed Page
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Gamer Portal
Loading Screen
Wishlist Page
Wallet Page
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