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UI, UX Design
FIDO Homepage Mockup
FIDO alliance
The FIDO Alliance is an open industry association with a focused mission: reduce the world’s reliance on passwords.
FIDO Alliance sought a refreshing update for its landing page design. Recognizing the need for a more concise layout, they prioritized the reduction of page length, ensuring that users could swiftly access relevant information quickly. In collaboration with Moontide Agency we were able to deliver an improved user flow, navigation menu and landing page design.
FIDO Logo on Green Background
Moontide worked extensively on the architecture of the navigation menu, reducing a lot of clutter from its previous iteration.
Illustrations and Icons
FIDO Typeface
FIDO Color Palette
The approach for the landing page design was to create a minimal layout that was aligned with the architecture of the site map; targeting multiple personas to make the site easily accessible.
FIDO Mobile Mockup