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Los Angeles, California
The innovative app dedicated to locating new activities and experiences, promising endless adventures right at your fingertips.
Gems is a California based travel app that assists users in discovering renowned and many lesser-known locations around the state. The goal of this app is to help tourist and locals discover and enjoy new experiences.
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The goal was to ensure the users could use the app without the need for signing up for an account. Though we encourage users to create an account to save locations and post content on the platform
Not required to sign up for an account upon entering the app. Start searching immediately.
Categorization to make it easier for users to discover things to do.
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Gems Logo
Stay informed about new hidden gems, seasonal attractions, and special events that match your interests. Gems notifies users when there's something exciting happening nearby.
Users get notified of new experiences that are aligned with their interest.
Discover, Save and keep exploring
At the bottom of the app interface, a navigation bar is prominently displayed with icons representing the three main sections: "Discover," "Saved," and "Profile." Users can simply tap on these icons to switch between sections seamlessly.
Save and Share
Users can save their favorite hidden gems and create collections of locations they intend to explore. Effortlessly share these curated finds with your circle of friends in just two clicks.
Gems UI Grid
User interfaces of locations in the Gems app